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Severe environmental printing new printing machinery vast market
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Editor's Note: Industrial machinery research and development on the one hand to be faithful to the market demand, we must also guide the direction of industrial development, with rent prices, labor shortages, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, surge in demand for printing machinery, printing and dyeing industries need these tech printing machinery to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading. Industry trends can be judged vast new printing machinery market.
Currently, the market starved for efficient, energy saving, environmental protection, small bath ratio dyeing machine fabric, knitted fabric dyeing machine, yarn dyeing machine and its match yarn, fabric dryer. Many varieties of dyeing machine, uses a lot of different parameters, but its principles are largely identical, printing and dyeing machinery must be closely integrated dyeing process requirements, the machine itself is doing fine and well, to make it meet the technical requirements.
       Textile printing and finishing equipment, automatic system for network equipment, digital printing equipment, thermal transfer printing process equipment, printing and dyeing industry are urgently needed products. Internationally very popular waterless dyeing processing technology, no version of printing technology, micro-suspension dyeing technology, plasma processing technology, bio-enzyme treatment technology and environment-friendly dyes, additives, development and application of slurry, needs to have new dyeing and printing machinery products to adapt.
Research, development and production of printing and dyeing enterprises need to waste water, waste gas treatment and recycling technology and equipment, used in dyes, additives recycling technology and equipment, to solve environmental problems to promote sustainable development of the industry is important, but also has a vast market. Improve the level of printing machinery Mechatronics, developed a variety of printing and dyeing process parameters on-line measurement and control devices, printing machinery industry is imperative.
Fabric dyeing and finishing technology is very complex, it involves fabric varieties, technology, dyes, additives, equipment, utilities of gas, and water companies to manage multiple aspects of the device is an important part of it, to raise the level of multi-party cooperation . The rapid development of new technologies today, small bath ratio dyeing, diversification waterless dyeing, printing free version, efficient pre-treatment and finishing of technology, gentrification, printing and dyeing machinery are new demands. As a service to the process of mechanical product development and production process to adapt to the demand to open up the market.


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